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Peace - The Ultimate source of True Happiness

Peace- who does not need it? It is the biggest asset if one has it and a great loss if one has not. Peace is one of the greatest blessings of Allah Almighty. There are times when a person is unable to understand what is lacking, what does he or she needs or what is causing mental frustration. These are the times when you cannot find happiness in anything or anyone. This happens when you experience lack of peace in your life.  No matter how many luxuries and wealth you have, if you do not have peace within you, you are poor and miserable for it is the biggest wealth one needs to spend life with true happiness. Peace is defined differently by different people. It might be different for different people as well, or in other words, peace comes from different fact

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Husband and Wife Relationship in Islam

The religion of Islam came with the law and gave every man their justice. The woman does not suffer injustice. Islam has purified women. Whether husbands, mothers or sisters, Islam has given women an important role in community service for the education of future generations, in accordance with the law. Women had a well-known position in the life of SAWW. The couple's relationship between the man and woman must be based on love and compassion, so that each spouse can be comforted. Islam has made women's rights mandatory for her husband, even though he is guided by her principles. If people worked according to these principles it would finally be happiness and joy and love between the spouses. Allah has commanded the man to act with charity towards his wife

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